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Making a gorilla sculpture

Building the torso of the gorilla. Working with sections of clay the out shell of the lower body of the gorilla sculpture is constructed. The sculptor already has a complete design in mind to work towards.

making silverback gorilla 1 making silverback gorilla 2

The shoulders are added. A padded armature is essential to maintain the structure of the sculpture. Layers of polythene protect the clay from atmospheric drying. The sculpture must be kept moist throughout the proces

making silverback gorilla 3 making silverback gorilla 4

The muscular underlying structure of the gorilla is defined as the sculptor works. Gradually the shoulder is constructed always working towards the finished concept of the gorilla.

The gorilla sculpture is to be displayed in a garden so attention is paid to all aspects of the form. The back spine and muscles are formed. The vision of the finished sculpture is of paramount importance

making silverback gorilla 1

The sculptural form is beginning to be realised as texture is gradually added to the surface. Arms and hands added, echoing the structure and allowing the eyes to follow the lines of the form

making silverback gorilla 6

.The inner armature is extended to allow the head to be constructed at the same time as being supported. The sheets of polythene are essential to prevent drying.

making silverback gorilla 7

Adjustments have been made as the all important head takes shape. The hand has been removed to be replaced when the  gorilla head is complete. The effect of any garden sculpture depends on the head and eyes

The all important facial structure and texture is shown in this profile picture. The lines of fine texture follow the contours of the gorilla's face. It is this close attention to detail that will give the final garden sculpture the impact desired

gorilla making 7 making silverback gorilla 8

Close up of the gorilla face with the eyes now defined. Brian Hollingworth aimed for a dignity and stillness in the finished gorilla sculpture. it is the eyes that give this feeling and atmosphere.

making silverback gorilla 9

Side view of the clay sculpture showing how the lines of the sculpture are all adding to the impact of the form. The eyes of the viewer follow the lines of the legs and the arms that are always leading towards the face.

making silverback gorilla 10 making silverback gorilla 11

Back view of the silverback gorilla sculpture showing fold and muscles. The lower texture has indicated the change of movement in the gorilla's surface hair.

Left hand side view showing the arm now resting in a relaxed manner across the knee of the gorilla. Some original sketches can be seen on the wall behind

making silvertback gorilla 12

The finished gorilla ready to be transported for moulding and casting. This sculpture was cast in bronze resin ready for display in a garden setting.

Life size sculpture may be commissioned.

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