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Garden sculpture

Brian Hollingworth accepts commissions for large garden sculpture suitable for the Garden. These can be of any animal and are designed for the site. They can be in ceramic, bronze resin and foundry bronze. Throughout this web site examples can be found,

orangutan group in garden

The larger sculpture shows a female orangutan leaf over her head; hand stretched out as if to test the rainfall. The young orangutan below her has found a piece of bark on the forest floor and is sheltering under it. A small baby uses his hands to protect himself from the falling rain.

The pictures show a group of sculptures of an orangutan family. These were commissioned to fit an existing garden. The large stones were a water feature with a steady flow of water trickling over them. The creator of the garden decided on an addition of a family of orangutans.

The majority of Brian's work is made to order. Prices quoted on this site are a guide. For a more accurate price




 Contact Brian Hollingworth  with details of your requirements. We will then contact you with details and prices. If you then contact the studio by phone you will be able to discuss your requirements directly with Brian.


Garden sculpture is made on commission . Prices according to size. Guide price £450 - £2500 (Ceramic)


Work can also be cast in foundry bronze and bronze resin. Contact giving details of your requirements for quotation      

large lying garden hare lady_orangutan_web_size patriarch gorilla front

Brian Hollingworth has always had a fascination with primate and gorillas.This interest culminated in a wonderful commission to make a life size figure of a silverback to be cast in bronze resin to go into a clients garden.


A Secluded Garden


Joe was the basis and Brian tried to emphasis the massive presence and wonderful stillness and calm of this magnificent creature. The clay figure was moulded and then a cast made. The sculpture now sits in a secluded place in the client's garden. The mould was so good that up to 12 copies of this magnificent sculpture could be made.


Commissions and sale enquiries Phone 01159262430  

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:Lying Hare Garden Sculpture - Commissioned sculpture

Commissioned Garden Sculpture

Garden sculpture for a special setting

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Life size Silverback Gorilla Sculpture designed for garden display

 Female Orangutan and Young - Wildlife sculpture

made for display under a water feature in an unusual garden

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