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Cockerel Sculpture

Brian Hollingworth has recently made a bronze and a bronze resin cockerel for clients.There are shown in detail on our newest web site. This site features the bronze and bronze resin  made by Brian Hollingworth. He enjoys the challange of portaying the feathering and poses of these characterful birds. The cockerel sculptures fit well into gardens adding a focus to the garden


A visit to our other site will show more detail than these few pictures show.

bronzecockeral bronze cockeral head bronze resin cockerel in garden clay resin cockerel

Click here for Cockerel Sculpture including pictures of a cockerel sculpture being made and cast in bronze.

 new site

Cockerel Sculpture - Sunrise Swagger

Bronze Resin - Limited Edition

Clay Sculpture of a Cockerel. The cockerel has been made in clay on an armature. This is then moulded in a flexible mould. From this mould the cockerel is cast in bronze resin.

Foundry Bronze Sculpture of a Bantam Cockerel

Bronze Cockerel Sculpture- Head detail

The pictures show some recently commissioned sculptures of cockerels. .


Brian Hollingworth is currently working on a larger sculpture of a cockerel for a local golf club.

This cockerel will be installed to celebrate the centenary of the club.


Check out Facebook to see pictures of the cockerel under construction.