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Background information about Brian Hollingworth

Brian Hollingworth has been working as a full time professional sculptor for the last 35 years. His work has been widely exhibited and is held in collections worldwide.


He has studied all the animals he sculpts and  regards knowledge of an animal as essential before creating any sculpture. He has sketched all his life and has a detailed knowledge of anatomy and the movement of animals. It is this intimate knowledge that gives life to the animal sculpture. He has a unique gift to capture a moment if life in his work.


His ceramic animal sculptures are all one off originals. Recently he has begun to make bronze sculpture of his animals. These are cast in very limited editions and are very collectable. A small number of pieces are also cast in bronze resin


 He was formally educated in ceramics at the Art College in Sheffield and continued in the sculpture department of Nottingham Art College. .


Every sculpture begins as a block of clay that is skilfully moulded into the animal form. He has had this ability from a very early age and has developed his innate talent through the quality of the work he produces.


However  from these beginnings he has developed methods of his own. Each animal sculpture has its own problems and it is the solving of these problems that has kept him fascinated throughout his long career.


He talent was recognised early and in 1978 he won the Holbrooke Award from Nottingham Museum and Art gallery. This was followed by receiving the Best Craftsman in Show at the Royal Bath and West Show. During the show he was introduced to her majesty Queen Elizabeth and showed her his work.

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working on walrus sculpture suitable for a garden

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His sculpture was shown on the BBC during a lunchtime programme called Pebble Mile at One. It was this that launched his work to a wider audience. A number of commissions followed and his work began to be exhibited in galleries throughout the UK. Brian was able to concentrate solely upon his creative work moving to his present studio in1996



His animal sculpture  has been exhibited throughout Britain in galleries but he now concentrates on showing his work through his own web sites. Seeing the possibilities of reaching a wider public the site was launched in 1999. At this stage the internet was quite slow - sometimes called the 'World Wide Wait' However gradually the web site prospered and  his work soon became known to a wider audience and his unique qualities recognised.


Detail of his bronze sculpture is featured on his other web site


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making a sculpture of a dog commissioned work

Method of making an animal sculpture

Animal sculpture on the internet

Making a sculpture of a client's dog


Brian Hollingworth has exhibited his animal sculpture throughout the UK including -


The Leith Gallery Edinburgh

Red Rag Gallery Stow in the Wold

London Zoo, Regents Park

Godfrey and Watt, Harrogate Yorkshire

Rufford Craft Gallery, Nottinghamshire

Haddenham Gallery, Cambridge

Beaulie Estate, Hampshire

Royal Horticultural Gardens Wisley, Surrey.


He welcomes enquiries from Galleries.


 Bantam Cockerel - Foundry Cast Bronze

Making a moon gazing hare. A ceramic hare sculpture

Brian Hollingworth working on a sculpture os a walrus.

 A commissioned sculpture later shipped to the USA

Circle Brian making moon gazing hare

Exhibition history of Brian Hollingworth

bison bronze glazed

A  wonderful animal the Giant Anteater. Brian was fascinated by the form

A Bison at Rest

This sculpture was made on commission. A ceramic finished in Brian's bronze glaze.


Cockerel Sculpture for the Coxmoor Golf Club Centenary

Commissioned work to celebrate the centenary of the Golf Club