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Brian Hollingworth and Primates


The ceramic animal sculpture are one off sculptures, individually made from clay. Brian work is based on real life observations and his own drawings and sketches. There is always a close attention to anatomy, attitude and movement in every animal sculpture. The finished sculpture expresses the inner life and energy of the animal portrayed.

Individually signed documentation provided with every sculpture


 Interested in Bronze sculpture ? Visit our other site www.hollingworth-bronze -sculpture


                                                                         The Patriarch Silverback Gorilla

                                                                     Bronze resin -  Life size garden sculpture.

                                                                                         4.5ft x 3.5ft x 3 ft

                                                                       Gorilla Sculpture also be commissioned

                                                                                           in foundry bronze.


                                                                                        Cockeral Sculpture

                                                                           Foundry Bronze - Life size sculpture


                                                                Use contact page to enquire about sculpture.                                                                                              Commissions accepted












Every sculpture of an animal shown is  available for immediate sale or commission.

Garden sculpture also on commission.

For prices contact....01666 829449





Hare sculpture made in bronze resin sited in a garden Gorilla animal sculpture in bronze resin sited in a garden contact page CLICK More Pictures CLICK

Unique Original Sculptures of Wildlife Animals

.Brian Hollingworth has been a professional ceramic sculptor in the uk for nearly 32 years.  His wildlife animal sculpture has changed and developed many times, but still a fascination with that flexible material ‘clay’ comes through all his work. He is as enthusiastic as ever about the wonderful qualities of clay, form, texture, colour and glazes. This makes his wildlife animal sculpture in both bronze and ceramic so distinctive. Bronze or ceramic wildlife animal sculptures are weatherproof and suitable for display in the home or garden.

A Lifetimes Study of Animal Sculpture

From a life spent observing wildlife and sketching animals. Brian Hollingworth has an intimate knowledge of the movement of animals and a wealth of images to use in his sculpture designs. He has studied comparative anatomy and movement, so really understands what goes on under the skin of an animal. There may also subtle exaggeration in the wildlife sculpture, enabling him to capture the right feel and spirit of each animal he portrays in his bronze or ceramic sculpture

Unique Wildlife and Animal sculptures for sale

Every sculpture of an animal  is a unique handmade original sculpture made in either bronze or ceramic

Brian Hollingworth has exhibited his wildlife and animal sculpture widely through galleries in the UK. Work is held in collections world wide including France, Finland, Australia, Singapore, Canada and the USA. He continues to make exceptional ceramic and bronze animal sculptures. They are suitable for both home and garden.

Hare in meadow

Elephant Smoked Raku

Patriarch Primate - Life size Silverback Gorilla

Garden sculpture of animals is a speciallity

african_elephant sculpture bronze cockeral sculpture

Cockerel Bronze sculpture..

heavy horse1 bear front view Brian making moon gazing hare work for sale CLICK e mail CLICK HERE e mail CLICK HERE bronze sculpture

A life size garden sculpture


Brian Hollingworth specialises in large garden sculpture. It is worth looking at our other site for details

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Brian Hollingworth - Animal sculptor

Commissioned work accepted ...

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